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Ross: “who threw underwear on stage?” I think Rocky handled the situation quite well for Rydel eventually they came off her mic, just so you know :P #thatsmaleunderwear

"male underwear?? no. no. we can’t put them on our mic stands. we HETEROSEXUALS cannot ever imply that we are GAY ! i know, let’s put them on rydel’s instead"

They’re not scared of being seen as homosexual - as a heterosexual person you naturally see that for example female underwear thrown is for the guys whilst male underwear thrown is for the girl. It’s your first instinct. If people start saying they’re homophobic for this that’ll seriously annoy me. How is this homophobic? It’s not its their first response which they went with that just so happened to be on stage.

1. it was a joke and 2. that’s heteronormative as fuck

But really I didn’t want to start something but it’s just when you are one sexuality it is difficult to view sometime from another persons perspective as it is with many things. Not everyone thinks of the other ways their actions can be taken but that doesn’t mean they meant any harm by it

to be frank, that doesn’t give me any sympathy for them. they are people in the public eye with people in their fanbase who are queer or still working it out. they need to learn to stop feeding them heteronormative bullshit the reason it took me so goddamn long to realise that i’m not straight is because so many of the people i idolised taught me that being straight is “”the norm”“.

they’re an “adult band” now and you’re telling me they can’t comprehend what heteronormativity is? you’re telling me they can’t have ever considered that what they’re doing is teaching little kids in their fanbase that it’s weird to be gay?

I told you things would work out. We’re gonna win

"this is so romantic"

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people i love; laura marano


can i be honest?? i don’t like it when people say “oh ally conquered her stage fright BECAUSE OF AUSTIN” or “ally’s become sexier and less awkward FOR AUSTIN” like…sure austin coming into her life helped with her growth, but not because she wanted to seduce or impress him. she didn’t need ~a guy~ to come along and give her confidence. she needed a friend. and that’s what austin was/is.

stop reducing a female character that has FINALLY BEEN GIVEN SOME DEVELOPMENT to another stale love interest.

ross getting offended by the size of a dinosaur sculpture